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The view from Boxboro Road

April 26, 2016

In a recent post we outlined the process for permitting Planned Conservation Developments – detailing what the development plans look like according to the typical Massachusetts Subdivision standards, and what they can look like when applied for as a PCD.  Since that time, we’ve held a Public Forum and Public Hearing to gain further feedback, incorporated comments from Town Boards and Committees and are now in the process of preparing to present the updates on the bylaw at the upcoming Stow Town Meeting on May 2nd.

While our past post on the topic explains the nuts and bolts of a PCD, take a look at the below map and photo to see how the bylaw translates to on the ground development.  What you see here are two Stow neighborhoods: Pondview Estates, made up of Whelden and Hickory Lane on the left, and Trefry Lane to the right.  In roughly the middle of the image is Boxboro Road, running north to South.  The green areas surrounding the clusters of home sites represents land protected in perpetuity as open space.  What makes this a particularly great example of the potential of Planned Conservation Development is the linking of open space lands on either side of Boxboro Road.  At Pondview Estates, the open land provides a buffer to a pond and nearby airfield, while creating a natural area for residents to walk dogs and otherwise enjoy. On the other side of the road, open land associated with Trefry Lane protects an arching meadow, as well as an area of open space that reaches deep into the Flag Hill Conservation area.


The photo below is looking north past Whelden Lane toward Trefry Lane, roughly in the center of the above map. This view from the street tells the PCD story as we perceive it every day.  Open meadows, intact stone walls – visions of Stow that residents have built lives around.   We regularly hear about the significance of preserving Stow’s rural charm.  The PCD bylaw continues to be one of the most important tools in that effort.

Whelden Lane Street View

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