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Gleasondale Transportation Update

June 16, 2016

Survey On The Way 

The Planning Department is in the process of contracting with Howard/Stein-Hudson Inc. to begin a survey of the public right of way in Gleasondale.  All aspects of the roadway, including utilities and property bounds will be located on the survey plans to allow the community to better plan options for future improvements.  The Planning Department also just received word that the approaches to the Route 62 bridge will also be surveyed by the DOT’s contractor in the coming weeks.  Between the two , the Town will have a full updated survey for the bulk of the Gleasondale corridor!

Kane Land Survey

Boundaries of the Town owned parcel known as the “Kane Land” have been surveyed and the Planning Department is awaiting submission of the final plans.  This survey should provide much needed clarification regarding the feasibility of future activities on the land.

Community Transportation Technical Assistance Grant

The Planning Department recently was awarded a grant to study the Hudson Road/Route 117 intersection, in light of the Gleasondale Bridge partial closure.  Traffic counts were taken along Hudson Road, Route 117, as well as Gleasondale Road in Gleasondale Village.  Prior to the bridge closure, Gleasondale Road saw 6062 vehicles per day.  Today that number is down to 5000 per day.  The big question is where 1000 vehicles every day have rerouted to? Traffic consultants with the Boston Metro Planning Organization, which funded the study, believe many are now using Hudson Road.  Results of the study are currently being updated and will be available here later this summer.

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  1. Ann Deluty permalink
    June 16, 2016 7:49 pm

    Yes, The traffic on Hudson road has increased considerably, especially at rush hours.

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