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Gleasondale Bridge Redesign Update

February 23, 2017

img_1747Still bearing the imprint of 1947, the Gleasondale Bridge will soon be in the midst of a redesign after 70 years.  MassDOT recently hired CLD Consulting Engineers to work with their in-house bridge redesign staff.  To date, the focus is still on preliminary work, such as obtaining pavement core samples from the bridge approaches.  Howard/Stein-Hudson (HSH) Associates, a traffic planning and engineering firm out of Boston, has been hired to assist in the public input and engagement process once the process kicks off.  HSH is the same firm that the Planning Board hired to build off of MassDOT’s right of way survey in Gleasondale, which is currently underway.  They are also the same firm that is finalizing our traffic safety improvements in Lower Village.  It should be a great fit to continue working with a team that knows Stow well.

The Gleasondale Bridge is listed on the Transportation Improvement Program schedule for potential 2020 replacement.  This design process will allow the community to make sure that all of the important planning that Gleasondale residents have been leading will be heard and integrated to the best extent feasible.  With traffic concerns, pedestrian safety and connectivity issues, and a mill tying it all together, there will be plenty to discuss at upcoming public meetings.  We’ll be sure to work alongside HSH to communicate our local efforts and to see that Gleasondale residents are well represented.  As soon as we have more updates we’ll be posting them here.

If there are any other questions about where the project is and where it may be going, don’t hesitate to call the Planning Department office. If we cannot answer your question, we can try to find someone who will. 978-897-5098.

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