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About The Planning Department

Regulatory Duties:

Stow’s Planning Department staff provide support to the Planning Board, a five member board charged with the responsibility of protecting the health, safety and welfare of Stow residents.  Guided by Massachusetts General Law, the Stow Zoning Bylaw, the 2010 Master Plan and citizen comment and input, the Planning Board works to preserve and enhance the integrity of Stow’s character through these regulatory measures while safeguarding property rights. Board members, together with department staff work with applicants to ensure project’s have a positive impact on the community.

For more information on the Planning Board click the link below:

Long Range Planning Duties:

The Stow Planning Department and five member Planning Board is committed to helping the community make informed decisions about the future of Stow, Massachusetts.  By researching the impacts of present and future land use, population and development impacts, and providing a forum for public comment and input, the Planning Department can help Stow residents articulate an evolving vision for the Town’s future.  Because the work is never finished, the department is striving to continuously update and engage residents in the planning process that can shape the liveability, feel and function of Stow.  Products of the department’s long range planning include the 2010 Stow Master Plan, the continuing Lower Village Planning effort, and support for regional projects.  Browse our various pages to learn about other projects in the works!

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