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Flood Insurance Rate Map Update

FEMA FAQNew Flood Insurance Rate Maps Adopted

A vote at the May 2014 Annual Town Meeting officially adopted the Preliminary Flood Insurance Rate maps for Stow.  On July 7th, FEMA will officially certify the new maps.  A set of these maps has been delivered to Stow’s Planning Department and are available for viewing on third floor of the Town Building.

Purpose of Flood Insurance Rate Maps

The Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM’s) are primarily used to determine risk of flooding and the requirement to purchase insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program.  Stow also uses the maps as a basis for its Floodplain Overlay District.

How to Learn More

Some property owners will find that they are no longer in one of the designated floodplains and therefore not required to purchase flood insurance.  Other property owners will find that the new maps show their building within a floodplain, and if those property owners hold a mortgage or other financial instrument tied to their home, they may be required by their lender to purchase flood insurance for their home or business.  If you are a resident or business owner that has questions regarding how the new map adoption may affect your property, consult our Floodplain FAQ Section,or contact Assistant Planner Jesse Steadman at

You can also view the map panels on the Stow Planning Board website or visit FEMA’s Map Service Center for more information.

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