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Lower Village Public Forum Comments

Below is a breakdown of questions recorded at the forum.  Although water dominated the discussion, there were many questions that deserve attention as the planning effort moves forward.  We categorized the questions for a quick look.


Lower Village Public Forum Feedback

Feedback Station #1:  What are your Concerns?



  • Water, water water!
  • Water at Lower Village should be and needs to be first and foremost.  You can’t attract any worthy business if you don’t have water available.  We need basic conveniences at Lower Village like an independent pharmacy, a retail store with cards and gifts, restaurant.

Engaging Business and Property Owners in Planning

  • Town works with property owners and not with the actual business owners.  Property owners agree and imply pass costs and surcharges to business owners.  Ask US, not THEM.
  • South side plaza(s) seem mostly designed for office suites and are not retail/consumer friendly.  How do you convince property owners to have a new vision for redesign of footprint?
  • Learn from West Acton businesses
  • Stow is not business Friendly


  • Please address traffic issues at 117, Red Acre Road and Pompositticut
  • Left turns difficult out of businesses
  • Traffic – Don’t shop in Lower Village due to traffic circulation – difficult to get in and out of businesses
  • Something needs to be done about traffic circulation
  • Consider reducing the speed limit

 Need for Community Events

  • Need to definitively hold real community events on the common to attract people there who aren’t just shopping to get a sense of the “village” feel.

What uses would you like to see in Lower Village?



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