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Lower Village Water Supply

Chronology of Siting a Public Water SupplyMay 27, 2013 UPDATE

Earlier this month, voters at Annual Town Meeting approved an article that will allow a parcel of open space land at Heritage Lane, which is under the care, custody and control of the Conservation Commission to be explored for the potential of siting a public water supply.  The approval is a huge step toward understanding the feasibility of a public water supply for Lower Village.  Property owners on the south side of Route 117 have been hampered in their efforts for expansion due to their small lot sizes and the difficulty of fitting wells and septic systems that comply with state Department of Environmental Protection regulations.  Having a water supply nearby would greatly expand opportunities for businesses to improve on the uses in the Village, not to mention the visual appeal.

Prior to Town Meeting the Planning Board met with Heritage Lane, Bradley Lane and Lanes End residents to discuss the opportunities and concerns regarding the creation of a public water supply at the Heritage Lane site.  Members of the Conservation Commission in attendance assured residents that any proposed work on a water supply would go through the Notice of Intent process that would require a public hearing.  Conservation Commissioners noted that protecting water supplies and water quality of residents was at the top of their list of priorities.

To aid in understanding the permitting timeline, the Planning Board has created a chronological outline of potential work at the site to help make sense of the sometimes confusing regulatory process.

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